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LockerGoga ransomware 4.0 virus: how does it act and why is it dangerous?

LockerGoga ransomware ransomware exploits Google Docs to store the victim’s data and the private decryption key. This parasite is a clone of Antivirus 2008, which has been very popular recently – this is more than evident when you count all the clones Antivirus 2008 has produced over the past few weeks. LockerGoga ransomware will not solve any spyware-related problems, but may well cause them itself, even though its primary target is your money. For the latter feature this type of virus got its name. It searches for files with the extensions listed below, and then it encrypts them using AES-256 encryption algorithm. Of course, you should never do this if you don’t want to support scammers and their future crimes. It has been reported to attack users who are located in Germany. 


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Tá do ríomhaire LockerGoga ransomware ar shárú ar dhlíthe na tíre Éirinn virus is spread through freeware, shareware, spam emails and other downloads that come from unofficial sources. It seems that this distribution technique is still very popular among hackers because people are still downloading infected email attachments without bothering to check what is the sender or what typo or grammar mistakes can be found in the email. public (RSA-2048) and private (AES CBC-256) are generated. Be aware that LockerGoga ransomware is especially dangerous for those who live in Germany, but it may also infect those countries that are in its neighborhood. It has selected to ruin stored data with the AES-256 cipher for encryption.

HOW CAN I REMOVE Der Computer ist für die LockerGoga ransomware der LockerGoga ransomware der LockerGoga ransomware Österreich LockerGoga ransomware virus?

So, as you can see from the message, 1.7 BTC (Bitcoins) per computer to 22 BTC for the whole network is demanded by these cyber crooks. It is very smart from the hackers to give you this little time and scare you even more about what can happen to you. Basically, you can do only one thing when LockerGoga ransomware is on your computer – you can look at its misleading notification, which reports about those law violations. might also come along with the original version as an attachment. Finally, we highly recommend thinking about the prevention of such infections. These types of letters are often seen as reliable. This variant will make it its business to alter your Windows Registry Keys for one specific purpose:

When trying to remove LockerGoga ransomwareΔ. Because of that, you won’t be capapble to download anti-malware program and remove infected files from the system. but will not work if your hard drive is encrypted. It is also likely that the virus may hijack the system through the help of infected email attachments as well. You should also be attentive when you download torrent files – cyber criminals often spread infected torrent files including viruses, so be careful not to download such one. In addition, the fake emails include grammar mistakes. Hackers might be spreading their malicious programs like this. Follow the removal guide of LockerGoga ransomware ransomware below.

How can I remove LockerGoga ransomware from my  computer?

We highly recommend to remove LockerGoga ransomware as soon as you detect it on your computer. As regards Locky, there are no decryption tools created at this point in time. If you happen to open an infectious message and download the suggested attachment, you might be allowing an encryption-monster into your device. However, right after you fix your computer, start to think how to prevent data loss in the future. These tools are automatic, meaning you will only need to hit the Scan button to have the ransomware detected and removed. Download them only if you are certain about the sender’s reliability.

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LockerGoga ransomware Behavior

  • Redirect your browser to infected pages.
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Common LockerGoga ransomware behavior and some other text emplaining som info related to behavior
  • Changes user's homepage
  • LockerGoga ransomware Shows commercial adverts

LockerGoga ransomware effected Windows OS versions

  • Windows 8 23% 
  • Windows 7 31% 
  • Windows Vista 10% 
  • Windows XP 36% 

Warning, multiple anti-virus scanners have detected possible malware in LockerGoga ransomware.

Anti-Virus SoftwareVersionDetection
Kingsoft AntiVirus2013.4.9.267Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud)
VIPRE Antivirus22224MalSign.Generic
K7 AntiVirus9.179.12403Unwanted-Program ( 00454f261 )
VIPRE Antivirus22702Wajam (fs)
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LockerGoga ransomware Geography

Remove LockerGoga ransomware from Windows

Remove LockerGoga ransomware from Windows XP:

  1. Drag mouse cursor to the left of the Task Bar and click Start to open a menu.
  2. Open the Control Panel and double-click Add or Remove Programs. win-xp-control-panel LockerGoga ransomware
  3. Remove the undesirable application.

Remove LockerGoga ransomware from Windows Vista or Windows 7:

  1. Click the Start menu icon on the Task Bar and select Control Panel. win7-control-panel LockerGoga ransomware
  2. Select Uninstall a program and locate the undesirable application
  3. Right-click the application you want to delete and select Uninstall.

Remove LockerGoga ransomware from Windows 8:

  1. Right-click on the Metro UI screen, select All apps and then Control Panel. win8-control-panel-search LockerGoga ransomware
  2. Go to Uninstall a program and right-click the application you want to delete.
  3. Select Uninstall.

Remove LockerGoga ransomware from Your Browsers

Remove LockerGoga ransomware from Internet Explorer

  • Go for Alt+T and click on Internet Options.
  • In this section, move to the 'Advanced' tab and then click on the 'Reset' button. reset-ie LockerGoga ransomware
  • Navigate to the 'Reset Internet Explorer settings' → then to 'Delete personal settings' and press on 'Reset' option.
  • After this, click on 'Close' and go for OK to have modifications saved.
  • Click on the tabs Alt+T and go for Manage Add-ons. Move to Toolbars and Extensions and here, get rid of the unwanted extensions. ie-addons LockerGoga ransomware
  • Click on Search Providers and set any page as your new search tool.

Delete LockerGoga ransomware from Mozilla Firefox

  • As you have your browser opened, type in about:addons in the shown URL field. firefox-extensions LockerGoga ransomware
  • Move through Extensions and Addons list, delete the items having something in common with LockerGoga ransomware (or those which you may find unfamiliar). If the extension is not provided by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, Oracle or Adobe, you should be almost sure you have to erase it.
  • Then, reset Firefox by doing this: move to Firefox ->Help (Help in menu for OSX users) -> Troubleshooting Information. Finally,Reset Firefox. firefox_reset LockerGoga ransomware

Terminate LockerGoga ransomware from Chrome

  • In the displayed URL field, type in chrome://extensions. extensions-chrome LockerGoga ransomware
  • Take a look at the provided extensions and take care of those which you find unnecessary (those related to LockerGoga ransomware) by deleting it. If you do not know whether one or another must be deleted once and for all, disable some of them temporarily.
  • Then, restart LockerGoga ransomware
  • Optionally, you may type in chrome://settings in URL bar, move to Advanced settings, navigate to the bottom and choose Reset browser settings.
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